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Book Trailer

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Originally born in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, I bounced around quite a bit throughout my early years before eventually settling in Sugar Land, TX, which will always feel like home.

I am the writer of the award-winning psychological thriller screenplay, SINNER and a subsequent novel by the same title. I also wrote and play one half of the odd couple in the buddy-flick-styled web series, WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE.

When not working on a project, I’m probably watching a horror movie, reading a suspense thriller or baking some kind of killer customized cake.

I live in Manhattan with my eternally patient wife and our two judgmental Siberian cats.

What My Readers Say

  • "I could not stop talking about this book to whomever would listen (my husband, my boss, colleagues, a business contact) as I was on edge and needed to get to the ending."

    Blogger (@saturday_nite_reader)
  • "After reading this novel, I was afraid to walk outside alone at night! Definitely nightmare worthy!"

    Blogger (@busycollegebookworm)
  • "Christopher Graves certainly knows how to write a heart-pounding story!"

    Reviewer (@jess_reads_books)
  • "His clear, imaginative imagery is EXCELLENT."

    Author (Copyediting & Proofreading for Dummies)
  • "I was a little hesitant as I started reading this novel, as it is not the usual thriller story line that I find myself drawn to. It didn't take long, however, for me to get sucked in, spending every free minute I could find reading this book. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the story, all of the plot twists, and the unexpected ending. I highly recommend this book!"

  • "Graves' ability to create storylines with a nice pace, and twists that will keep the readers on their toes, is reminiscent of authors with much more writing experience. I'm expecting great things from Mr Graves in the future."

  • "Heart-stopping and addictive. SINNER is a chilling masterpiece sure to have you checking your doors and windows each night."

    InkSlinger PR
  • "Graves has an incredible ability to paint pictures with his words. As you read, a movie plays in your head with chilling detail that traps you in the story."

    Author (United States of Laughter, Humor that Works)
  • "SINNER is a suspense-filled rollercoaster! It was one of those books where I stopped paying attention to time, reading well into the night. I had to see what would happen next!"

    Marla J. Haut
    Entertainment Industry Professional
  • "SINNER is absolutely TERRIFYING. I couldn't put it down!"

    Nicole Porto
    Thriller Novel Enthusiast

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